Vell, I'm just zis guy, you know?

This is just another boring personal website. I don't have a Facebook page, sorry. At times I feel compelled to get one, but that usually passes quickly. I do, however, have a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile and résumé, a sparse Flickr stream, a blog, and a difficulty assessing where to place commas in the English language.

Professionally, I'm an accidental Infrastructure Security Architect. I also teach graduate classes in System Administration and Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment at Stevens Institute of Technology. I used to be much more actively involved in the NetBSD Open Source project, but continue to keep an eye on it. I still occasionally write simple software tools (some of which end up on GitHub) and I enjoy giving presentations about the work I do.

I still don't obfuscate my email address and I have a PGP key. I live in New York with my wife and two daughters.

Also, I ride a very long skateboard and frequently wonder what things will be like when I grow up.

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