jiramail -- filter email and post the body to Jira as a comment

Atlassian's Jira ticketing system requires per-project email addresses to be set up in order for users to be able to reply to ticket mail and get their response added as a comment. Instead of jumping through these hoops, jiramail allows you to simply pipe your email into it, and it will post the comment using the Jira API instead.

In order to use jiramail, you must send mail locally, for example using mutt(1). jiramail works, by default, as a filter. That is, you pipe your outgoing message into it and the resulting output further into whatever tool you use to actually deliver mail. For example, I happen to use the following:

jiramail | /usr/pkg/bin/msmtp -t

You can download jiramail from here or from github.

Please see the manual page for details of how to use jiramail.


Version 0.1 (2012-08-22):
 * Initial version

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