tweet -- send a twitter update

tweet is a very simple command-line tweeter. That is, it allows you to send a twitter update to a given user account. It doesn't do anything else. Hmm, no, wait, I guess it now also allows you to follow or unfollow accounts as well as block or unblock users. So there's that. Also, this tool suffers from feeping creatures and probably has spawned additional features making it not all that very simple anymore. Anyway, check the fine manual for all its capabilities.

You can download it from github. As you can tell, it doesn't have a lots of bells and whistles and is probably not what you want or need. If you have questions or comments, just let me know.

tweet uses OAuth for authentication with Twitter. This means that in order to run the application, it needs a so-called "consumer key" and "consumer secret". These are retrieved by registering an application with Twitter.

Now for hopefully obvious reasons it's undesirable for an application to be distributed with its own key and secret; unfortunately that means that anybody wishing to run this tool would have to get their own consumer secret and key.

Hence, if you wish to run this tool, please go to and register a new client. Then store the key and secret in the configuration file.


Version 1.4 (2017-11-28)
 * use 280 chars
 * allow multi-line input

Version 1.3 (2016-07-25)
 * provide a more useful exit code

Version 1.2 (2016-07-06)
 * add '-m' to allow uploading of media

Version 1.1 (2016-02-11)
 * add '-l' to fave^Wlike a given tweet

Version 1.0 (2015-03-08)
 * add '-c' to specify an alternate configuration file

Version 0.9 (2015-03-05)
 * add '-i' to print the ID of a new tweet

Version 0.8 (2012-04-18)
 * let's spell September correctly
 * spelling fixes in help (reported by @bcharder)
 * don't bother shortening links -- Twitter will just wrap those further,
   possibly creating longer links

Version 0.7 (2011-09-06)
 * mention '-B' and '-b' in usage
 * add support for replying to a message by passing the ID via '-a'

Version 0.6 (2011-04-20)
 * add support for blocking and unblocking users

Version 0.5 (2011-03-15)
 * add support for deleting tweets

Version 0.4 (2011-03-13)
 * add support for following and unfollowing users
 * properly handle exceptions in the post-python-2.6 world

Version 0.3 (2011-02-16)
 * require user to be given via "-u"
 * allow for retweeting of messages given via "-r id" (multiple possible)

Version 0.2 (2011-02-15):
 * support '-t' flag to truncate long messages if desired

Version 0.1 (2011-01-10):
 * Initial version

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