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One City One Book - Online Privacy Tools


On September 4th, 2013, I will give a talk on Online Privacy Tools as part of San Francisco's One City One Book events series. Here's the pitch:

In today's online world, the decisions about just how much data we wish to share and with whom are increasingly made for us in the private sector. But the more transparent we become, the more vulnerable we are: privacy, or confidentiality of communications and data, are an essential factor in computer security.

Privacy is also an essential human and civil right. When governments intercept, collect, and analyze every virtual breath we take, how can we retain our right to live without fear of oppression, our freedom from unreasonable searches?

In this talk, we will look at a handful of tools that may help us secure your online communications and decrease the amount of (meta-)data available to any three-letter-agency. Some of the technologies we will cover include OTR messaging, PGP, SSL, Tor, and VPNs as well as general privacy impacting factors relevant to mobile devices and consumer products.

Email or tweet me with any suggestions or feedback. Hope to see you there!


Update: The slides and links are now available here.

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